USPS Pickup Location

USPS Pickup location – find it closest to you

Need to send or receive a package? Whether it’s like a business or private, you can make it all a little easier for yourself by sending packages and deliveries through USPS  pickup locations.

Here you decide which USPS Pickup Location to send the package to – and in this way it is easy for the recipient to pick up the package when it suits them.

3 benefits of using USPS’s Location to send and receive packages

1. You don’t have to be at home

Instead of having to stay home to receive your package, you don’t have to spend gunpowder on planning it when using one of USPS’smany Pickup Locations. Here you are free to pick up your package as you like – as long as it is of course within  USPSopening hours.

2. You are free to choose between USPS’s Locations

Because your post has pickup locations distributed across the country, there’s probably always a Pickup Location near your home or workplace, for example.

That way, you can always choose the place where it’s easiest for you to pick up your package.

3. You can reduce the delivery time

When a package does not need to be deployed, it makes work both easier and faster for USPS.

With a single delivery instead of many, you can often be lucky enough to cut down on delivery time so your package arrives faster.

How to easily find it closest to USPS  pickup locations

When you need to find your nearest USPS  pickup location, you can easily and quickly find it via our intuitive map on this page.

Just plot some other information (e.g. vendor, postal code, and so on). Then you can tap search and navigate around the map, where you can see the addresses and hours of all the post’s PickupLocations closest to you.