UPS Pickup Locations

Pickup Location UPS: Find addresses and opening hours easily

Do you have a package you want to send the easy way? Or are you just looking for your nearest UPS pickup location so you know where to place your next order?

Then you have landed in the right place. On this page we have made it easy for you to quickly find the nearest UPS pickup point, so you always know what is closest to you – and which places have the opening hours that best fit into your everyday life.

Scroll down this page, where you will find a smart map that makes it easy to find your nearest UPS pickup location.

Why it’s smart to use one of the many pickup Location from UPS

Whether it is as a private or business, what size the package / delivery is or whether you are sending or receiving, you have the option of having the package delivered / sent via a UPS collection point.

(If it’s one of the big shipments, of course just remember to check if it’s possible – you can find it out easily here)

But why is it so smart? Yes, it’s smart because, for example, you do not have to be at home to receive your package. In addition, it is often both faster and cheaper when you choose to send a package via a UPS pickup point instead of with private distribution.

How to use the map to find your nearest UPS pickup location

  1. Start by choosing the carrier – here you can choose several different ones, such as UPS pickup points, DHL, Fedex and so on.
  2. Enter the postal code and select the country.
  3. Choose between delivery or delivery – in many places they do both, but there are places where it is first and foremost one or the other.
  4. Tap search – and explore the map, where you get an overview of all UPS pickup points near you – including addresses and opening hours, of course.

You can use the card wherever you are – whether you are at home in USA, on holiday or something completely different.