FedEx Pickup Location near me

Here you will find your nearest Fedex pickup location

If you need to send or receive a package, you can make life easier for yourself by using one of the many Fedex pickup location that are available throughout USA That way, you do not have to be at home to receive a package – instead, you can drive ny your local Fedex pickup location when it suits you.

On this page, we have made sure that it is both easy and fast for you to get an overview of all Fedex location points near you – and then you can of course find both addresses and opening hours, so you can choose the place that suits you and everyday life. your best.

Use a Fedex pickup location and pick up your packages when it suits you

Instead of having your package sent to your private address or to your company, you can make it all a little easier by receiving packages and deliveries via one of the many Fedex Locations that are scattered across the country. This way, you do not have to have time to be present to receive your package – and instead you can pick it up as you wish.

This saves you a lot of time and effort in everyday life – and at the same time it is often both cheap and faster to use a Fedex pickup point instead of private distribution.

To use the map to find addresses and opening hours for Fedex Pickup Locations:

Of course, when choosing the right place to get your package, it’s good to know what’s actually near you. On the map on this page, you will therefore find both addresses and opening hours for all Fedex’s pick-up points near you. That way, you can easily find out if it’s smartest for you to choose pick-up locations near your work, your home and so on.

Here’s how:
Start by choosing the provider. You can choose between several different shipping companies, and here you simply choose the company the package is sent with – for example Fedex.
Then select the country and enter the postcode.

Check if it is the place of entry or delivery (whether you are sending or receiving). In some places it does only one thing, while in others it does both.

Click on “search”, and now you can see all the different Fedex Pickup Locator on the map. You can navigate around the map, and when you tap a specific location, you can see the address and opening hours.