DHL Pickup Location

PickupPoint DHL – here you will find addresses and opening hours

Do you need to send or receive a package via DHL? Then you can save both time and effort by choosing to send / receive the package via one of DHL’s many PickupPoints, which are spread all over the country.

When you use a DHL collection point, for example, you avoid that you are not at home when the package is delivered – and at the same time delivery often reaches a collection point faster.

Make it easy for yourself: Use DHL -Pickup Locations

When you choose to have a package delivered or sent to a DHL collection point, the recipient can pick up the package as it suits them – and this means that you avoid an important package arriving when there is no one to receive.

There is (almost) always a drop-off point near you, and that way you can easily pick up your package as it fits into your everyday life – as long as it is within the place’s opening hours, of course.

This means that you can get both cheap, fast and enormously flexible shipping – regardless of whether you send / receive as a private person or company.

How to easily and conveniently find your nearest DHL Pickup location

Do you want to make life a little easier for yourself by sending a package to one of the many DHL pickup locations?

Use the map on this page to easily and quickly find addresses and opening hours on Pickup Location from DHL.

Here’s how:

1. Start by entering the carrier – you can choose between several different similar DHL and UPS to Fedex.

2. Select the country and postal code.

3. Choose between drop-off and drop-off locations – many locations offer both, but some locations are reserved for one or the other.

Click on “Search” and explore the map, where you will find a complete overview of DHL – Pickup locator near you – including addresses and opening hours (click on the individual places – then the details will appear by themselves).

You can use the map to find specific Pickup Stores for eg DHL or near you – but you can also use it to see if there may be a company that has Pickup Location even closer to you.