Pickup Locations near me

Find your nearest Pickup Location – it should be easy to send receive packages

Need to order a package or send an order to a customer or business partner? Then it is worth considering using one of the many picking points found in all the hooks and hooks in the country. Instead of relying on always having someone present at the delivery address, the recipient can instead pick up their package at the pickup location that suits them.

Whether you have to pick up or ship, it makes the shipping process a lot more straightforward. In fact, you often also get faster delivery because the mail can deliver a larger quantity and parcel in one place.

How to use Pickup Location to make life a little easier

That way, you can easily and conveniently pick up your delivery at your convenience – as long as it is within the pickup point’s opening hours.

There are pick-up points all over the country – even near you

The vast majority of shipping companies have pickup points distributed across the country – this includes  DHL, UPS,  Fedex,  USPS,  and many more.

Do you have any doubts about whether your particular delivery (whether to ship or receive) can be delivered to pickup locations? Then you can always check with measurements, weight and so on here.

How to easily find your nearest pickup location

And here you can easily and quickly find what is closest to you using the smart map on this page.

It’s always nice to know both your address and opening hours at your nearest pick-up point – making it even easier to send and receive parcels.

Just fill in the various fields (e.g. Country, carrier, postal code and whether it’s entry or delivery) – when you press search, you can see on a list and the map both address and opening hours at all nearby pickup locations.